Update from Stephanie…

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Holy Moly. It has been TWO years since an update on this site with my last post on how to make chili.

Seriously, I cannot believe it’s been that long since I wrote up a recipe, a list of cool stuff, how to make something, or about any of the travels we’ve been on!

Honestly, I’ve had a Lazy Girl Guide (LGG) article written up for two years, but I never took the photos to go with it, so I am going to actually get that done ASAP so I can have a new post soon. I think I said something along those lines in a previous post, but the funniest thing happened this week – I randomly checked out my site statistics, & umm… you guys! My website has some amazing traffic. Totally took me by surprise, so I feel like maybe I should definitely update it now. 😛

Also, the hubs and I have traveled to a LOT of places in the past two years. And I really want to write some guides like I did for our Orlando trip a few years ago. I’m thinking readers would really enjoy reading up on Colorado, Las Vegas, & Hawaii (amiright?).

Another thing is I was told that I should definitely put together a GREAT EATS guide for people. The story: I had some family that were going to be traveling and I kept recommending places to eat in every location. So, yeah, they suggested I put something together for other people. I think it’s a good idea, so I’m going to try to do that soon as well. (If you don’t already know this about me and the hubs – we love to eat.)

Other updates concerning Novaturient Soul – I no longer have an Etsy shop. It was sad to close it, but I just was not making time for it, so the shop itself wasn’t doing much business. And I took a step back from the Facebook & Instagram pages, too. Without updating Etsy & the website, there wasn’t much for me to talk about on them & it didn’t feel as organic or authentic as I wanted to be, so I felt like I was forcing myself to post on social media. (I also took on a marketing job for a couple of other businesses, so yeah, there hasn’t been that much extra creativity to go around for myself. NOT complaining, just saying my time is really divided.)

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Talk to you soon…

XOXO, Stephanie.