The Big List of Great Books: 2022 Edition

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It’s time for an update of the best books I’ve read!

My original list, from October 2017, had all my 4 & 5 star rated books up until that point. This go round, I’m giving you the top 20-ish books I recommend from the ones I’ve read since then. Release dates of the books vary so they are not all brand new (in fact, some of them are quite a bit older!). You can find me on Goodreads to see in real-time what I’m reading & rating!

This post took forever to put together. Going through three+ years of read books is no joke! I’ve divided the list into series versus stand alone and 5 star versus 4 star. Follow the link for book cover, synopsis, &/or to purchase from Amazon. I hope you enjoy the list!

(Part of a) Series

5 Star Rated

4 Star Rated

Stand Alone Books

5 Star

4 Star

Some of these books completely blew my mind (I’m looking at you specifically, Iron Widow!). Let me know in the comments what have been some of your favorite books lately? I am always looking out for books to add to my ‘To Be Read’ list!

Big List of Great Books from Novaturient Soul - 2022 Edition