21 Day Fix

My 21 Day Fix Journey & more!

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You may have noticed I have been a little absent lately. I have no real excuse for the hiatus, except that I have been working on some personal matters, including 21 Day Fix – which I am dedicating this post to.

First off, I have lots of recipes to share with you! So, there are those to look forward to soon. What got me off track was my annual Halloween party (so much to do!) and of course I did not photograph any of it. Except the final costumes!


Then, I just went lazy.

It happens sometimes, especially when stressed out. *insert shrug*

Anywho, I am now getting back on track in more ways than one.

First, I will be switching jobs next month. Let us hope and pray that it goes well!

Second, I have started the 21 Day Fix in order to get my health and weight back to where it needs to be. For the past several years, I have just let the weight pack on. It’s one of those things you don’t really notice until it is way too late. Two years ago, I went on a diet and exercise plan that I created myself. I focused on portioning, calories, & cardio. I stuck with it for three months, too!

Then, gradually, I went right back into my old habits. I didn’t really think about it at first. I would miss a couple of days of working out, then I would feel so guilty about it that I would just miss the whole week and tell myself, ‘next week I’ll start over’. I would have a few ‘cheat’ meals, then every meal became a cheat.

So not logical, but emotions never are.

Anyway, my good friend went through 3 rounds of 21 Day Fix, lost a dramatic amount of her post-baby weight and became a coach.

Her results, newfound confidence, and excitement hooked me in & I decided I should try it too!

Day One in Photos

                            Day One in Photos

Round one of 21 day fix is going well thus far. It took me a couple of days to enjoy the shakes. But now, I look forward to having one for breakfast or a midday snack to keep the cravings at bay.

Some things I have learned so far:

  • I thought the fruit portions would be the hardest to get in; the vegetables have been my struggle.
  • The containers make it easy. Instead of counting each calorie, I just portion my food!
  • The workouts are freaking intense (& only 30 minutes long!). I realized just how out of shape I am & that was an eye opener!
  • Those first few days of shakes, I thought everyone who said they loved them were liars. I take that back. I enjoy them, too!
  • Drinking the prescribed amount of water has not been hard for me. At first, I was like, ‘seriously?!’, but honestly, I drink more each day.
  • When I exercise, I think I look like a slug. And that mental picture keeps me going & trying so that one day, hopefully, I will look less-sluggish. ;]

With my 21 Day Fix spill out of the way, I will let you know that my recipes will continue to be NOT 21 Day Fix approved (as I had them lined up beforehand), but I will try to put in substitute recommendations for those that want it.

I am excited about this new journey I am taking & can’t wait to share it with you!