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How To Create an Inviting Outdoor Space: Tips & Tricks

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Whether you have a balcony or a big backyard, there are a few key pieces that make any outdoor space inviting. Enjoying coffee on crisp mornings or relaxing in summer evenings are made even better when you can be outside in comfort. It’s taken me some years to get the formula down. But now that I have it, I am happily sharing it with you!

I am personally a HUGE fan of spending time outside. I have always tried to make an inviting outdoor space no matter where I lived. At our last home, we actually went the furthest we’ve ever gone in building an amazing backyard; we built an entire outdoor kitchen & bar! Since moving, we have a small patio we call ours, & I have been trying make it a cozy spot to spend time in.

Without further ado, here are my tips & tricks to getting the best outdoor space you’ve ever had, no matter the size!


My number one trick of setting a relaxed & inviting mood outdoors is to have great lighting. Nobody likes to lounge beside the lightbulb at the back door, so here are a few favorites to light it up at night!


Have some fun & comfortable seating available for yourself and your guests. I’ve built my own benches from pallets before so you can get creative & DIY seating. Or, you can buy some chairs, stools, or benches from the store.


Having a table for all the seats to go around is also a great idea. It provides a place to eat, play cards, or just a central gathering spot for everyone. If your area is not big enough to include a full size table, there are smaller table options, too.


As an individual that has killed succulents & rosemary – which I’ve heard are near impossible to mess up – I still love to have plant life around my outdoor space. I personally enjoy perennials because they’ll come back year after year (if I can keep them alive, of course). I also like brightly colored flowers, fragrant plants like lavender, and some greenery like elephant ears.


The final touches to rounding out your inviting outdoor space is adding a little decor. I love to have pretty planters for my plants, a rug, pillows for the seating, & some smaller knick knacks to add some personality (like lanterns, curtains, or pictures).

My last bit of advice is to pick items that you love & fit your personality. After all, you’ll be the one spending the most time in your outdoor space!

If you are on a budget, check out thrift stores, budget-friendly stores like TJ Maxx or At Home, or DIY’ing some parts. Also, buying in the off-season (end of summer) helps you find things on clearance!

How to Create an Inviting Outdoor Space - Tips & Tricks to Make Any Balcony, Patio, or Backyard Comfortable & Fun!

Let me know in the comments below if you have some tips & tricks of your own to creating a great outdoor space!