Patio Table DIY

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 Yet another backstory to a project: The round patio table was originally a glass top. But, a large storm came through & the glass shattered. Rather than buy a whole new table, we decided to make our own unique painted patio table top!
  • plywood (but the ‘nicer’ kind)
  • router saw
  • sand paper
  • paint (I used acrylic)
  • clear varnish/lacquer to protect the table top.
First, we went to Lowe’s to buy a sheet of plywood. We picked one that was a bit smoother than your normal cheap plywood that looks like it is scraps of wood glued together.
We measured the metal frame from the original patio table top & cut the plywood accordingly. Next, we cut the middle circle out for the umbrella. We used the router to round the edges as well and sanded until it was smooth.
I set the wood up on a chair like it was an easel so I could paint it.
Originally, I tried to paint it like I do on a canvas with watered down acrylic paint so the colors blend easier. But, obviously, that did not work as the wood does not soak up the paint like a canvas.
I painted the base coat a lavender color then sort-of pencil drew my outline of the flower. Then I went in and began to layer my colors for the flower.
I was trying to add some ‘depth’ to it with shadowing, but again, this wood did not behave like canvas AT ALL.
What was supposed to be a magnolia flower ended up looking more like an orchid or hibiscus. But, all in all, I really love it.
DIY Patio Table - Make your own unique patio table top!
Once I was happy with my painting, I let the paint dry & finished off with a coat of clear lacquer. While the lacquer was drying, I took the existing metal framework and painted it with spray paint to a color I have been trying to coordinate our backyard to. Lastly, once all was dried, we installed the new, improved patio table top!
DIY Patio Table - make our own unique patio table top
Let me know if you try this & how yours turns out!