Giant Jenga DIY is Big Fun!

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Giant Jenga is another game we built for our reception. It is a huge hit for kids & adults alike!

Materials Needed:

  • (4) 2×3 10 ft boards or (5) 2×3 8 ft boards
  • Sander
  • 120 grit sandpaper
  • Saw
  • Paint
  • Ruler
  • Pen

First off, you must cut the boards. Each piece needs to be 7.5″ long. This measurement ensures that the length is equal to the width of three boards.


For ours, I measured out 7.5″ pieces from beginning to end of each board. I have included a cheat sheet for you. You could also set up a ‘stopper’ on the saw to 7.5″ and just cut away.


Be careful with the saw! There is a lot of wood to cut, so take breaks if you must.

Once you have 54 pieces cut, it is time to sand. It is important to sand the blocks smooth on all sides and the corners!

Vera enjoys DIY too

The hubs rigged up an electric sander to do the job. However, I honestly would not do what he did because he lost his grip on a few because the electric sander moves so quickly (no injuries!). My recommendation is: use a hand sander!


Once all the blocks are smooth, it is time to paint! I used three different colored acrylic paints. Paint only the ends of the blocks! This allows them to be pretty, but also to move smoothly during play.


Allow to dry, then it is time to play giant jenga!

A few other notes on this game:

  • It is heavy. Beware of when the tower falls!
  • It is heavy. We carry our blocks in a plastic tub, but you can find a tutorial on a box here.
  • You can play on a level table top or the ground – we built a table out of scrap wood for ours.

For a drinking game, I wrote a command on each block:

  • Give 1 Drink, Give 2 Drinks, Give 3, Give 4, Give 5
  • Take 1 Drink, Take 2 Drinks, Take 3, Take 4, Take 5
  • (1) Avalanche
  • (2) Wild
  • (1) Girls Drink
  • (1) Guys Drink
  • And whoever fells the tower, must drink the rest of their drink.

DIY Giant Jenga - Easy to make and fun to play!

Enjoy Giant Jenga!