DIY: Coffee Mug

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Let’s get this party started!
This is an oldie, but goodie DIY I did for my BFF.
This is an easy project & you can find more detailed instructions almost anywhere on the interwebs.
First, I bought a plain white coffee mug. Which apparently isn’t as easy as I thought. I went to several stores, but all of them had designs on them or weren’t white! So, I ended up at Michael’s to buy a children’s craft coffee cup.
The craft kit came with paint & a brush, but I threw those out.
Next, I already had the design I wanted in mind. I saw something similar through Pinterest & thought to myself, “Hey, I can totally rock this!”.
I took my Sharpie’s and drew my design. Once I was happy with that, I placed the mug in the oven for the alotted amount of time the kit said (I think around 30 minutes).
It came out great & she loved it!
However, as a side note, the marker did not stay on the cup! She didn’t wash it in the dishwasher, so I have no idea how to resolve it. It has been customary for me to get a little too excited about a project & lose my patience. So, it is totally viable that I didn’t leave it in the oven long enough. Or maybe since it was a “kid’s craft” with paint, the mug had some sort of lacquer on it meant for paint?
See below for the finished product. If you try this or have tried this, let me know what you think happened with mine.
Sharpie Mug DIY
edit: I figured out what happened! I used a normal Sharpie rather than the oil based one! Thanks to Glued to My Crafts for clearing this up!