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Denver, Colorado: A Travel Guide for Couples

Disclaimer: Affiliate links may be used in this post. You can read my full disclosure here.

So, maybe it’s kind of weird to be writing a travel guide in the middle of a pandemic? But here’s my hope: that this will inspire you to go to new places & experience new things. Remember that while we’ve been staying home, there is still a wonderful world out there waiting for us to explore it when we’re ready. Travel is a passion of mine & it has not gone away while I’ve been home. I want to remember the adventures I’ve been on so that I can look forward to traveling again…

Last summer, the hubs & I went on a trip to Denver, Colorado. And let me tell you, we had a blast! We were there for four-ish days, and in that time we were able to see a lot of the city & surrounding sights. Also, if you’ve never been to Colorado, I have to recommend it because it is BEAUTIFUL there!

Denver colorado

While our home base was essentially Denver, we definitely saw more outside the city because there was so much we wanted to fit into our visit.

First up, we flew in via Frontier Airlines because it was a direct flight (yes!) and was the best deal. ProTip: Sign up for airlines’ e-mail list to get notified of deals. I also am subscribed to Scott’s Cheap Flights because it is awesome.

As for our lodgings, we actually met my parents out there so we stayed with them for free! Also, fun side note, they were in the middle of a cross-country camping trip so it was fun to be on a small part of that.

Now, let’s get to the good stuff: what to see, eat, & drink!


Rocky Mountain National Park

Denver colorado

This park is huge. We didn’t see all of it. There are animals everywhere, & hiking trails, & streams, ponds, rocks, NATURE. On the lower elevation level it was green, breezy, & warm. At the higher elevations, there was tons of snow & it was cold. In fact, they had just opened the road to get to the visitors center up top.

Admission is $25/car. Get up early, pack yourself plenty of water & food. Enjoy driving around sightseeing, walking trails, & have lunch at a picnic table with a great view.

Downtown Denver

Denver colorado

We really enjoyed the ‘vibe’ of downtown Denver. There was a food-centric festival going on at the time we were there, and while we didn’t pay to get into the main event, there were some cool markets & stalls set up that we could visit for free.

Look up when you pass some of the alleys – there are art installations! We basically roamed around downtown for a day & went anywhere that looked interesting to us. Especially breweries (see below).

Golden, CO

Denver colorado

We went here for one reason: The Coors Tour. It costs $10 per person. You learn about the process of beer making, the history of Coors, you get to see beer being made, & they have vintage advertisements up everywhere (I really love vintage ads).

My favorite part was watching them box up the beer (that room is mesmerizing) & at the end of the tour there is a tasting room. I believe you get two glasses of beer to try and a commemorative glass to take home.

I also need to state that the main street of Golden has some cool stores & restaurants, so take a walk down it!

Red Rock Amphitheater

The famed live music venue. It is free to visit when there is not a concert going on. They have a museum to learn the history & a wall that shows every musician or band that has played there.

Garden of the Gods / Colorado Springs, CO

Denver colorado

Garden of the Gods is AWE-inspiring. It has no entry fee, so you can walk & enjoy it for free. I feel like this is a place you just need to see in person to fully appreciate. Fun note: You can see Pikes Peak from afar here, too!

We went to downtown Colorado Springs for lunch on the same day we visited GOTG. I wanted to lunch at this place called The Rabbit Hole, but I didn’t do my research to see they were only open for dinner. So, please, if you are reading this & go to Colorado Springs, please eat there for me & tell me how amazing it was!


Chuey Fu’s

Denver colorado

Located in Denver. They have a brick & mortar restaurant and a food truck. We went to the restaurant and yes, I really, really like this place. I love their aesthetic & their food. Please go support them!

Side note: I am obsessed with Asian-Latin fusion food. It is my goal to find this type of restaurant wherever I go. So far, I’ve been pretty successful.


There are a lot of breweries in and around Denver. A few of our favorites were One World Brewing (located in a basement in downtown Denver) & Wit’s End Brewing / Strange Craft Beer Co. (two breweries located in the same building).


Denver colorado

A breakfast place with multiple locations in Denver. It’s really freaking good. One of my favorite foods is eggs Benedict & guess what? They have several decadent takes on this recipe to fit your mood. (Pictured is the Bella! Bella! Benny)

Ok, now I want to go back to Colorado to visit. I hope that this travel guide is helpful or at least gives you a little case of wanderlust! Let me know if you have any places you would highly recommend in Denver in the comments below!