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The Lay Girl's Guide to Fitness. How to easily get started exercising and make the most of your workouts!
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The Lazy Girl’s Guide: Fitness

Welcome to part six of the Lazy Girl’s Guide series! In this one we take a look at fitness. Find my other LGG’s here. Keep reading because this guide was made for you if: You love that feeling you get after exercising, You have a hard time actually getting started with your fitness, And  ...

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The Lazy Girl's Guide to a Keto Diet -
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The Lazy Girl’s Guide: Keto Diet

My current diet obsession is Keto. Yes, I know diet is a dirty word, but I do it for weight loss, so it is what it is. Before our last vacation, I wanted to try something different to kind of ‘jump start’ my weight loss. I have some friends who do a keto diet – whether  ...

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