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My Favorite Recipes Ever (or at least, so far) - A list of the tastiest dishes I've ever made. - Novaturient Soul

My Favorite Recipes Ever (So Far)

Hello everyone! I have put together, all in one place, my favorite recipes ever. Or at least, my favorite recipes that I’ve shared with you SO FAR. And going through all my recipes, I didn’t realize just how many there are on Novaturient Soul, so I had a lot to choose from! I am  ...

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The Lazy Girl's Guide to a Keto Diet -
Food LGG

The Lazy Girl’s Guide: Keto Diet

My current diet obsession is Keto. Yes, I know diet is a dirty word, but I do it for weight loss, so it is what it is. Before our last vacation, I wanted to try something different to kind of ‘jump start’ my weight loss. I have some friends who do a keto diet – whether  ...

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The Absolute Best Places to East in the USA - An ongoing List from Novaturient Soul.
Food Travel

Best Places to Eat in the USA

I’ve been working on this list unconsciously for many years. Every time I go to a restaurant that has some of the most amazing food I’ve ever eaten, I catalogue it into my brain for future reference. I mean, the food has to be out of this world, have me drooling just thinking about  ...

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How to make your own delicious croutons, easily! - A recipe from Novaturient Soul.
DIY Food

How to Make Your Own Croutons

Making your own croutons is something I highly recommend you do for TWO main reasons: 1. They are easy & delicious to make. 2. They help eliminate food waste! (If you’re interested in another way to eliminate food waste, check out my article on how to freeze veggies!) I always use  ...

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