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How to Get Your Dog to Hawaii: A comprehensive and simplified guide on how to travel to Hawaii with your dog. From Novaturient Soul.
DIY Travel

How To: Get Your Dog to Hawaii

I’m writing this post so others have a better, easier to read resource for exactly what you need to do to get your dog to Hawaii! I researched this topic for MONTHS online & I talked to SO MANY different companies, veterinarians, etc. And through my research and real life experiences,  ...

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How to make your own delicious croutons, easily! - A recipe from Novaturient Soul.
DIY Food

How to Make Your Own Croutons

Making your own croutons is something I highly recommend you do for TWO main reasons: 1. They are easy & delicious to make. 2. They help eliminate food waste! (If you’re interested in another way to eliminate food waste, check out my article on how to freeze veggies!) I always use  ...

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Learn how to easily build your own firepit (& on a budget!) with this DIY tutorial from!
Budget DIY

Firepit: How to Build Your Own!

As you may already know, this household loves to DIY and build our own things. Most of the time it is because it’s cheaper than buying it ready-made and sometimes we just like a custom product for our home. Things are no different for this amazing firepit in our backyard! This is not our  ...

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