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Budget Binder: Get it together!

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Today I am going to share with you one of my most prized possession – my budget binder!

I have a slight paranoia about my bills & budget. And before this (confession time!) I would use each pay stub to organize what bills would be paid. So, at the end of the year all I had was a big stack of papers – most of which were lost over time. I got tired of having to remember every bill each month & decided it was time to step up and get organized. Thanks to this site for the inspiration!

Now, with one glance I see what is paid and what is coming up. So much easier!


And for those of you out there like me, I want to share the free printables!

What you need to get started:

  • 1″ binder
  • sheet protectors
  • 3 hole folder(s)
  • printer
  • monthly calendar print outs (like here)

Each print out will go into a sheet protector.

For mine, I put the taxes & home costs in the front for easy access.

Then I put each month and budget worksheet in order. Personally, I put them in the same protector.


Next I put a stack of the grocery lists into one protector.

I always keep extra sheet protectors in my budget binder to serve as a folder, organizer, or for any other print outs.

Last I put my folder to keep larger documents in.


For the budget worksheet, type in each bill, account number, and due date for the month. Basically, anything that does not change. If your bill is on auto pay, just type in ‘auto’ in the confirmation number blank.

Below is an example:

Budget Binder - free printables!

Once filled out, print out one for each month.

Every month, you will just write in when and what you pay. Easy peasy!


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Budget Binder with FREE printables! - NovaturientSoul.com

Let me know how you like it in the comments below!