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Best Places to Eat in the USA

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I’ve been working on this list unconsciously for many years. Every time I go to a restaurant that has some of the most amazing food I’ve ever eaten, I catalogue it into my brain for future reference. I mean, the food has to be out of this world, have me drooling just thinking about it, good to make it on here. Thus, while there are many places to eat I can recommend, this is the golden list of must haves (thus the reason for it’s “smallness”).

Now I want to share this list with everyone. In fact, I began writing it down a couple of years ago after a family member mentioned I should “totally write a blog about it”. You see, they were mentioning places they were going traveling and well, I had a lot of restaurant recommendations for them. HA! Yes, the hubs & I love to eat good food. And we love to share that information with others because who doesn’t want a divine eating experience?

The Absolute Best Places to East in the USA - An ongoing List from Novaturient Soul.
The hubs eating.

This list will be updated as I eat at new amazing places (or remember ones I’ve already had), so make sure to subscribe or bookmark this page!

A few notes before you dive in: 1. I lived and roamed the Southeast most of life, so most recommendations are in that region. 2. I have an obsession with Asian/Latin fusion food, so you will see a few of them in this list.

If you have a divine restaurant that I need to try, let me know in the comments!

To Eat on the East Coast

Hankook Taqueria – Atlanta, GA – Korean Tacos

Tako Cheena – Orlando, FL – Asian/Latin Fusion

Hella’s – Tarpon Springs, FL – Greek

Jackrabbit Filly – Charleston, SC – New Chinese

Panini Pete’s – Mobile, AL – Deli & Beignets

Treylor Park – Savannah, GA – Southern Breakfast/Brunch

Far East Taco Grille – Washington, DC – Asian/Latin Fusion

Other US Eats

Chuey Fu’s – Denver, CO – Asian/Latin Fusion

Keoki’s Ono Fish & Chips – Captain Cook, HI – Fish

Umeke’s Fish Market & Grill – Kailua-Kona, HI – Fresh Fish

Hofbrauhaus – Las Vegas, NV – Authentic German

Last Update: May 2021

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