A quick update!

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Hey Everyone! It is time for a quick update from me!

If you’re a regular visitor to you may have noticed I recently did an update to the look of the website! It’s a bit more feminine than my last theme, but still simple & easy to read, I think.

With that said, PLEASE bear with me as I get together some new, amazing content and work to update the site. If you see any issues, please contact me so I can fix it. As you may know, reboots and changes can sometimes have errors or formatting issues.

Speaking of new content, I have had to throw out several recipes from my archives (ugh) because it has been SO LONG since I made them that I have forgotten the measurements and steps (because of course I did NOT write any of it down). I have learned my lesson because I am trying to write up about my sliding barn doors & have had to do research because I didn’t write any of it down! (note to self: write it down!)

I have also been working on creating more items for my etsy shop, so if you haven’t yet, make sure to check it out. And I’m on instagram! Follow the business one to see behind the scenes shots & the newest creations! Also, see my new, pretty social media icons on the sidebar (bottom if you’re on mobile)? You should definitely follow me on those to see what I am up to each week!

As you can see I juggle a lot of things in my life trying to stay productive and moving. Sometimes this pulls me a little thin & one or a few things start lagging behind. However, staying busy keeps me happy!

For now, enjoy this photo I took of my grandpa’s loyal farm dog, Hanna (ain’t she gorgeous!):

Hanna, the amazingly loyal farm dog.

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