21 Day Fix

21 Day Fix: Round 1 Results!

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The time has come to share my first round of 21 Day Fix results!

But first, a few more things I have learned so far:

  1. Three weeks without junk food and sodas & my body feels amazing. What I mean by that is: I don’t feel ‘weighed down’ by all the fats, sugars, & whatever else I was putting in my body like before starting.
  2. Some days I just was not feeling working out, but once I hit play on the work outs, I got excited to lift some weights or do some cardio.
  3. There is a Yoga Fix for an active recovery day and it has reawakened my love for yoga (which I was in LOVE with in high school).
  4. The first week I was so scared that I would not be able to plan out a decent meal plan. I was scared that maybe I would not like my food; that I would make it too bland & get bored. However, I have made some of my most delicious meals (ever)!
  5. Lastly, is the money. Eating healthy, meaning fresh produce & lean meats, seemed dauntingly expensive at first. But doing the math, I ended up spending LESS because I was not eating out as much. Plus, with the portioning, I was not overeating, which meant the same amount of food I ate for one meal before now became two meals or one meal and a snack.

I can see how so many people have been inspired and gotten excited about this program. You can call me a believer!

And it is not just about the weight loss. It is about the strength I am gaining. It’s about the confidence in myself that has come along effortlessly.

I feel good, to put it bluntly. I feel good about the inside, as well as the outside, transformation I am going through.

Thus the reason I took the step to become an Independent Beachbody Coach before I even finished. I want to spread the positivity. I want others to feel the way I do, the way I can see myself feeling in the future, too.

Anyways, let me stop being all giddy about this exciting journey I’ve decided to take. Let’s get down to business – my results (so far):

Before21 Day Fix - Round 1 - Before - See full results and thoughts at NovaturientSoul.com

Chest: 36

L. Arm: 12

Waist: 35

Hips: 46

L. Thigh: 27

L. Calf: 15

Weight: 179

After21 Day Fix - Round 1 - After - See full results and thoughts at NovaturientSoul.com

Chest: 34.5

L. Arm: 12

Waist: 33

Hips: 44

L. Thigh: 26.5

L. Calf: 14

Weight: 169

In total, that is 10 pounds & 7 inches gone!

I am very excited in the progress so far & cannot wait to look back a few months or year from now to see how far I have come.

I will be starting a second round of 21 Day Fix after Thanksgiving – Monday, November 30.

21 Day Fix - Round 1 - See full results and thoughts at NovaturientSoul.com

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