The 10 Gadgets You Need in Your Home

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I love gadgets, electronics, & appliances. I also love things that make life a little more fun, efficient, or just plain easier. When I can put these things together, well, I’m a pretty happy girl!

Everything on the list below are things I use daily and have found that it enriches my life whether by making some tasks easier or making it a little more fun. I wanted to share them with you, so you can add these gadgets to your daily life, too (if you haven’t already!).

  1. Amazon Echo – I love having Alexa as an assistant to play music, turn on/off lights, giving me traffic updates, or telling me jokes.

2. Amazon Fire Stick – So easy to use and all your streaming services are in one place. And yes, I love my Amazon products just like I love my Apple products – I just can’t help it, I find them so user friendly!

3. Eufy Robot Vacuum – A must have for any home, especially if you have pets. I just hit the ‘auto’ button and let it do it’s thing. 

4. Ninja Foodi – We use this on the daily. It is an air fryer, pressure cooker, & sauce pan all in one machine!

5. Ring Light – Not a necessity obviously, but it is so much fun to have around for mini photo shoots, even if it’s just selfies. I mean seriously, this is great for self-esteem for anybody else out there that is not photogenic.

6. Nintendo Switch – Also not a necessity, but you can play it on the go or on the tv and with the membership you get access to the original Nintendo games! So if you have kids, it’s great for them, but it’s also pretty dang fun for adults, too!

7. Philips Smartbulbs – Pairs great with the Amazon Echo so you can turn off the bedroom light without getting out of bed. I prefer getting these bulbs over hooking my lamps up to the special plugs.

8. String Lights – Brighten up your patio or balcony with some fun string lights. I love a good outdoor space to hang out & these are a great aesthetic.

9. MacBook – I loved my previous MacBook and I love my current one, too. I do everything on this & I will always recommend it to anyone looking for a computer.

10. Long charging cord for phone – This is such a simple, cheap gadget that will make your everyday life so much easier. No more leaning awkwardly over the bed or chair to keep your phone on charge while you use it.

The 10 Gadgets you Need in Your Home - Add a little bit more fun & efficiency to your life! - From Novaturient Soul.

Let me know in the comments what your must-have gadgets are!